Some accomplishments you might find interesting

Youngest woman internal account manager for 12th largest diversified financial services company to handle corporate communications for chairman of syndicate of insurance and reinsurance companies providing the market for large, high-risk or unusual marine exposures.

Trained NYSE communications staff to handle new listing publicity for individual telephone companies from AT&T divestiture. Credentialed to cover visit to NYSE trading floor by President Reagan and White House pool. Routinely worked with CEOs of newly listed companies and Chairman and President of NYSE.

Created firm-wide template for cost saving alerts; reorganized marketing department to eliminate duplication of effort as the sole tax contributor to Bloomberg database, while NY area marketing director at 7th largest accounting/consulting firm.  

Responsible for ROI from marketing efforts for securities industry training, education and publishing company.  Hired former actors for cross-selling/telemarketing campaign and research that yielded new product and customer information and generated new sales.

Created pilot program for mutual fund group and project managed cross-selling to existing customers of other products/services.  The outcome was  net new revenue of $1 million+ from a $2500 product.

Developed and rolled out business development training for partnership and staff of large regional professional services firm, requiring buy-in from multiple practice and industry groups and managing partner



"Amy Lemel, in her role as founding publisher of The Journalist magazine, a prestigious publication of the Society of Professional Journalists, proved to be a formidable dynamo, perfectionist, visionary, a seeker of the highest quality of work, persevering and spirited. She is an asset to any enterprise she is associated with."

Eve Berliner | New York Post alum, Editor, Eve's Magazine, Silurian News